Ain Savaree – Khud Mukhtari

About Us

Ain Savaree is not only a service but a new social movement contributing to women empowerment. We aim to provide a secure and affordable ride booking experience tailored exclusively for women.  With the driver and passenger both being women, Ain Savaree recognizes what SHE needs.

What Ain Savaree offers?

  • Peace of mind: Since it a female only service, the passenger can be more at ease as compared to other transport options
  • Pocket Friendly: with rising commute expenses, Ain Savaree offers low cost choices as compared to other services.
  • Safety: Our drivers are thoroughly vetted and trained who have their passenger’s best interest at heart.

We understand what SHE needs!

What’s in the name?

Ain (ع) is derived from the Urdu Alphabet which is the first Letter of the word Aurat (عورت).

Ain in urdu (عین) also means EXACT which reflects our business focus.

Our Slogan is, Khud Mukhtari, which in Urdu, means Self Sufficiency. We relate this with women empowerment and endorse it as a factor on which the over all well being of the society depends.

Happy women lead to happy families and happy families lead to happy societies. This is our core belief and we are working day and night to achieve this goal.


Our Mission

Ain Savaree aims to provide a secure and affordable transportation service tailored exclusively for women from all socio economic backgrounds.

Our Vision

Imagine a country where every woman feels safe, independent and can live life on her own terms. Keeping this vision in mind, Women on wheels is focused towards empowerment of woman through safe and affordable transportation, respectable job opportunities and financial security.

Why is it important?

Ain Savaree Team felt the need to improve the current gender inequality in our society. It is not only a transportation service but is also a social movement which will elevate the female population of our country. Women make up approximately 49% of the Pakistani population and yet they are deprived of the basic need of security and independence. Ain Savaree determines to change that by targeting four problem areas:

1) Cultural norms: a lot of families do not let female members travel alone with male drivers. By providing women drivers, Ain Savaree encourages the female population to safely commute for Educational and Career pursuits.

2) Safety: Currently female passengers who wish to commute on their own are facing the dilemma of poorly maintained public transport and possible harassment. With Ain Savaree’s rigorous security scrutiny women passengers can feel completely safe with fellow female Captains.

3) Affordability: we understand the need to minimize commuting expenses, hence provide a cheaper female bike ride option for women. If not, our Car ride option is still relatively cheaper and affordable.

4) Financial independence: we believe in financial security and inclusion of women by creating employment opportunities.

We are not alone !

Govt. of Sindh


We value the trust they have shown in our team. With such support from the Govt. of Sindh, more and more young entrepreneurs are finding their way to success. Their support for the cause of Women Empowerment and women led businesses is a continuous source of encouragement.



Our source of guidance and continuous support. IBA CICT is place where we learnt everything from taking care of the smallest details to the handling the biggest challenges of setting up the company. They not only teach the technicalities but also the legal and financial aspects which are the essentials of being an entrepreneur.

Our Mentor


Mr. Ibrahim Amin is a successful businessman and a highly qualified professional. He is an energetic, confident and dynamic professional and has a wide vision of moving forward in the 21st century by using the modern technologies, tools and equipments to facilitate his clients to enjoy excellent services.

What else should you know?

  • With the increase in the income pool, we will be contributing towards the economy of our country.
  • The confidence building training and workshops that Ain Savaree will provide will benefit the women, not just as bike riders and car captains, but also as individuals in our society.



  • Furthermore, this initiative also opens up job opportunities specifically for women. It will encourage those women who want to achieve their goals without being dependent on others. Ain Savaree gives them a sense of independence not only in mobility but also financially.
  • In the current male dominated society, women are trying their best to make space for themselves. They are competing against all odds and trying to achieve their goals. Ain Savaree will act as an essential tool to bring around a change. It will do so by employing female bike riders and car captains in a sector where males are the majority shareholders. Hopefully with time, instead of raising eyebrows, female bikers will be a common occurrence.