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A young working woman who commuted daily to her work place with a round trip of average 70 KM, found that other women like her are not only dependent on others for their daily commute but also restricted and often miss job or educational opportunities only due to lack of reasonable public Transport in a city as big as Karachi.

At times when her car was not available, she would book a private ride hailing service or an auto rickshaw only to find that the round trip could cost her as much as Rs.1500 a day.

She would often see her male colleagues availing bike rides and always dreamt of women being able to get such a low cost bike riding option.

When she discussed this with her friends, they not only encouraged her but joined hands with her to start this initiative.

Her brother and his friends also joined her.

Soon a dedicated team was working to get this service in place.

They found a bike training institute for women and joined hands with them as training partners to launch Ain Savaree, a ride booking service only for women and only by women.


Whats in the name ?

Ain (ع) is derived from the Urdu Alphabet which is the first Letter of the word Aurat (عورت).

Ain in urdu (عین) also means EXACT which reflects our business focus.

Our Slogan is, Khud Mukhtari, which in Urdu, means Self Sufficiency. We relate this with women empowerment and endorse it as a factor on which the over all well being of the society depends.

Happy women lead to happy families and happy families lead to happy societies. This is our core belief and we are working day and night to achieve this goal.